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Will you marry me?

Say you want to.

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This community is for those people who have a special someone, or someones, that they want to marry.


-DON'T make fun. Period. We play nice here.

-Want to get married? Propose first in an entry in the community. We want to see!

-S/he said yes? Good for you. Set a date, and get married. Write your own vows if you want, or a simple "I do" will work.

-You most both be members in the community to be a recognized marriage.

-Email me at confusingchaos@hotmail.com if you want me to make you a certificate.

-No longer in love? Divorce. Both do not have to agree.

Other things:

-If you want more than one husband or wife, then propose! No limits, here.

-Same sex marriage something you want? Go for it.

-You may post pictures of the two of you, or your children, honeymoon pictures. Little stories of your happily, or not so happily married life. ;)

Your mods are simplekindolife and outtaorder14. Have fun.


This is not for people SERIOUSLY getting married. This is for fun.